Fandom and Wine A bi-weekly podcast by Alienor-Woods and Little-Miss-Sunny-Daisy on whatever strikes our fandom fancy. Podcast art by Rachel B. Truong.

October 5, 2016  

In which Alie starts to get a hang of this sound editing shizz, and both Alie and Sunny chat unprepped and off the cuff about their favorite fandom communities and fanfic tropes.

What is a trope?  A sort of story-telling shorthand, plot set-up, or device.  I.e., the damsel in distress and the chosen one as character tropes; coffeeshop AU and friends-to-lovers as plot tropes.
What is "Canon"? The events and facts that actually happen in a story -- the book text, or the scenes and dialogue actually shown on screen.
What is a "headcanon"? An individual fan's personal interpretation of a character or scene that doesn't have a strong basis in the text.  I.e., "I headcanon that Sirius had a crush on Lily" or "I headcanon that John Murphy has dyslexia."
What is "Shipping"?  When a viewer/reader supports the romantic relationship -- actual, implied, or non-canon -- between characters.  I.e., "I ship Jon and Sansa from A Song of Ice and Fire" or "I shipped Han and Leia."

Delta Moon is a wine company indeed grown and bottled in California but owned by Mississippi natives.

Portkey.Org, a fanfiction site hosting the "non-canon het[erosexual] pairings" pairings:  James/Lily, Ron/Luna, Ginny/Draco, and Harry/Hermione.
Mugglenet, a Harry Potter fansite.

Fanfiction Recommendations:

Flames We Never Lit, by RobotIconography (Rated Teen)
Long Time Now, by RainCityRuckus (Rated Explicit)

Your hosts are Sunny-Daisy and Alienor-Woods, working millenials, long-time fanfic writers, and amateur podcasters.  The podcast tumbls at and checks email at
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